Zucchini Pasta

When was the last time you had a big bowl of regular wheat pasta and felt really awesome? No sugar crash, no heavy stomach, just plain old awesome? Like, so awesome you are dying to dance around in tight clothes and show off just how awesome you feel? If you feel like that after eating a big bowl of pasta, please let me in on your secret, because I have never felt that way post-spaghetti. In fact, I feel pretty darn awful (and guilty) after eating starch-heavy foods like pizza and pasta, so much so that I never eat them, and something tells me you understand exactly what I am talking about.
 At the same time, there are few things more comforting or satisfying than a huge bowl of pasta. My friend Monika agrees. And there’s something about pasta that makes you feel like you need to eat a LOT of it. Funny, because a serving of pasta is actually about the size of your fist, which is maybe, what, four bites? Talk about unsatisfying. And most people unknowingly double or triple the serving size of pasta, thereby drastically increasing the calories and simple starches they are consuming. 
Don’t let me get ahead of myself. If you do feel awesome after eating a big bowl of pasta, you can stop reading this right now and find a way to sequence your DNA so that everyone can benefit from the crazy carb power gene you possess because SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO BE YOU.
But if you’re like the rest of us, enjoy this post, because it may very well just change your life. I’m telling you right now that you CAN eat a huge bowl of pasta (every day), you CAN feel awesome after, you CAN get tons of nutrients, and it will all be low-calorie and won’t make you crash. Zucchini takes on the flavor of whatever sauce it’s made with, so even if you don’t like zucchini you have to give this recipe a try. Please let me know in the comments what variations you make with this and how they turn out!

 (Gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, paleo)


  • 2 small or medium-sized zucchinis
  • Vegetable options: chopped onion, fresh spinach, chopped tomato, chopped olives, etc.
  • Coconut oil
  • Your favorite pesto (like my heart of palm pepita pesto!) or pasta sauce
  • Your favorite goat/non-dairy cheese, optional
  • Example: onion, spinach, tomato and pesto; diced tomato with ground turkey; chopped olives with sugar-free marinara (pictured above!)


  1. Use a GEFU spirelli or other vegetable pasta maker to create zucchini pasta. I love my GEFU spirelli!!! This little gadget is small enough to stash away in a drawer and is so easy to use.
  2. Saute vegetables in coconut (or other) oil, then add the raw zucchini pasta. I let it all saute together until the zucchini is tender. You can also steam the raw zucchini separately or nuke it in the microwave.
  3. Drain water from the pan. Zucchini is full of water, and it’s important to try and get as much of it out of the pan as possible so you don’t end up with watery spaghetti!
  4. Add your favorite sauce and your favorite cheese. I love mine with vegan pesto or tomato sauce, and lots of goat cheese.
  5. Put your pasta into a huge bowl and feel awesome about eating the entire thing.

[Nutrition notes: I didn’t calculate the nutrition data because this recipe is meant to be played with. For the record, one medium zucchini is about 20 calories and full of fiber. I use 2 when I make this because I want a big bowl just for me! With the pesto and the goat cheese, this ends up being about 100 calories for a bowl. Not bad, tiger, not bad.]

Question of the Day:

What food DOES make you feel awesome?

Sometimes I get a craving for a big steak and it just makes me feel so good. I know a lot of people swear off red meat, but there’s something to be said for getting a big hit of iron when you’re tired – it totally energizes me. I also feel incredible after a big salad or a green smoothie post-yoga.

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  1. Had this last night with pesto and it was awesome. I can’t wait to try this with meat sauce!

  2. I tried this zucchini dish tonight and it was tremendous. I recommend this for anybody that is interested in both tasty food and optimal nutrition.


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